About Us

Myanmar Growth and Development (MGD) Club Singapore, is the fundraising arm of Myanmar Development and Prosperity Association (MDPA), Myanmar. Together, MGD and MDPA are dedicated in building equitable access to education and welfare for the underprivileged in Myanmar.

While MGD focuses on raising funds from Singapore, MDPA strictly concentrates on building community projects like schools for children and training centres for women in Myanmar.

MGD and MDPA are both founded by Jonathan Nichols who runs several businesses including Real Estate Management in Myanmar, Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau.

Being based in Myanmar for more than eight years, Mr. Nichols finds the current change in Burmese government as a great opportunity to bring support and assistance into Myanmar. Hence he strategically placed the funding Club in Singapore - as being one of the most developed country in Asia – to allow financial aid to reach Myanmar to improve education and women wellness.

More about us
What does MGD do ?
MGD is a Singapore registered Non-Profit Club, which conducts fundraising activities and events in Singapore with the intention to fund projects carried out by MDPA in Myanmar.
Does MDPA conduct fundraising in Myanmar ?
MDPA does not conduct any fundraising activities or events in Myanmar and depends on MGD Club, Singapore for funding assistance.
What does MDPA do in Myanmar ?
MDPA builds schools and women's training centres in Myanmar to advocate education and women's welfare.
How do they operate ?
MGD and MDPA has one full time staff taking care of its operations. However, the Club and Association also have receive volunteers who help with projects and administrative functions.
How do the projects get chosen ?
Research and field visits are conducted before a project is planned. For instance, locations to build schools are carefully surveyed by MGD and MDPA, by considering important aspects like number of students in each village and the current facilities available in a particular area. Each project is tailor-made to suit each community’s needs.
Does the community take an active role ?
Yes, the locals are involved in project planning and implementation so that each project is organic, relevant and useful to each community.
How are the funds channelled ?
MGD Club being a Non-Profit Club gives 90% of the funds collected to MDPA to run its charitable works in Myanmar. The balance 10% is used for administration cost of the MGD Club, Singapore.