Women Welfare programme: Baking Classes

It’s all about flour, eggs, butter, some creativity and loads of excitement! Our classes are held at MGD’s Club house situated at the heart of Yangon, making it possible for every Burmese woman who wants to learn baking easily and for FREE.

Sewing classes

Skills development through sewing classes is our way of helping Burmese women towards re-stitching human dignity and self-esteem. MGD’s four sewing machine classroom acts as an open workshop for women from neighbouring locations around Yangon to learn how to operate the machines. For many, it is a challenging start. However, the thirst for knowledge and commitment for change has never made them stop. A mastered tailor would then become a tutor and teach others. With knowledge comes confidence, and through confidence, comes independence. Armed with skills and courage, these women will better themselves, their families and ultimately the very society they live in.

Computer classes

This class is part of an effort to teach the digitally illiterate adults on how to use computers and the internet. In today’s fast changing global platform, a basic computer skill would increase their opportunities for livelihood by making them viable and competitive in the job industry. Basic level training is conducted by introducing the parts of a computer, the monitor, mouse, keyboard functions, Microsoft Words, how to connect to the internet, create and access email, create and use Facebook and other useful programs. The teachers are interested volunteers who are knowledgeable in computers and have a strong passion for teaching. Classes are conducted at the MGD Club house.

Fun-tastic Friday

Fridays are celebrated with informal town hall meetings where local community women gather to have fun! There is no limit to what we do! We do group aerobics, games, puzzles, competitions, karaoke, dancing and many more fun activities! Before we pack up, each Friday ends with a selected topic for discussion. They are mainly women-centric topics, focused on creating greater awareness.

Learn what is this week’s topic for Fun-tastic Friday and write to us if you have a story to share with the group
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